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UX | UI | Studio Project

Duration: 4 months | 2021



A market-based fair trade organization called MADE51 enables refugees to participate economically in global economic networks. According to the MADE51 approach, UNHCR locates refugees who possess artisanal talents, assists these individuals in forming artisan groups (AG), and links these organizations with local social enterprise (LSE) partners. As part of a studio course in the Summer Semester 22, interdisciplinary design teams had the opportunity to develop creative and practical solutions for refugee artisans around the world. Studio Re-solve aims to promote ideas from new perspectives and assumptions into actionable designs. Furthermore, it will produce an assortment of ideas quickly and build consensus around a specific solution.


They develop and distribute handicraft products that are ready for marketplaces like trade fairs, pop ups and e-commerce platforms. MADE51 brings together strategic partners from the private sector to curate collections, develop marketing opportunities, and make products available for purchase by consumers around the world,


As part of a Master's Studio project of a group consisting 5 members, the goal was :

1. Facilitating simple and open communication across the user groups in order enable a fluid workflow.
2. Attempting to keep language barriers between speakers of various languages as minimal as possible.
3. Delivering an intuitive user interface.


Among the three different user groups described below, MADE51 has a digital platform (a web-based app) that serves as a communication tool to help manage and document the production process. The information technology's backend structure is partially established, but the user interface still has to be constructed. Since the application is not entirely functional, the tool is not yet in use.


The three user types involved in the process are: 

Artisan groups

- Age 15 – 35 years

- Varying literacy levels

- Diverse cultural backgrounds             Displaced communities

Local Social Enterprises
-Age 20 – 35 years
- Diverse cultural backgrounds

- Most probably corresponding             to host countries

- Age 30 – 50 years
- Tech-savvy
- Know MADE51 structure from the                 inside

Slide 16_9 - 1 (1).jpg
Slide 16_9 - 2.png
Slide 16_9 - 3.png
Slide 16_9 - 4.png

Information Architecture

Final wireframe for developing the interface

image 41_edited.png

Lo-Fi Prototyping

Initial framework for the final prototype

Hi-Fi Screens

Developed screens for final interface

Revised User Journey

Illustrative description for pitching the product to stakeholders 

USER J.png

Clickable Prototype

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