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Illustration | Graphic Novelle

Duration: 2 months | 2022

A hazy neo-city looms on a Young Gremlin and his quest for attaining the zen of the Hypemonk Collection which is being held by Big-man Kaboom along with his sidekick, Dexie the Raven in Top Drawer Tower. There's gonna be a showdown soon...

With this graphic short, I have applied a storytelling model using the product as the narrative, which is the clothing (“drip”) by HIGNS, a fashion brand of a friend and fellow designer. HIGNS is acronym for Happiness Is Getting New Shoes and is a sneaker influenced streetwear brand from India, a work in progress.



The style and vision of HIGNS is street based and inspired by sneaker culture and hence, an amalgam of references from hip-hop, graffiti writing and street-style was adapted to conceive the look of the storytelling model. The storyboarding and initial drafts were hand sketched before manipulating it digitally.



Initial Drafts

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